03 Popular Types Of Bags To Choose From - Purse vs. Handbag vs. Duffel Bag

03 Popular Types Of Bags To Choose From: Purse vs. Handbag vs. Duffel Bag

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Bags of different sizes and shapes are available in the market, ranging from Duffle or purses, or Duffle bag or handbags or even sports duffel bags. What type of bag will you use for travelling? It all depends upon you, because a good backpack is a necessity for any traveller, regardless of what they are taking or how far they are going.

Additionally, according to locations, and weather patterns, bag kinds also have unique materials and designs. What type of bag you’ll select depends on the weather, which might range from sweltering, humid tropical settings to bone-chilling mountain climbs, depending on whether you’re going to the beach or the mountains.

So, choosing the right bag for travelling is the key for travellers. Here we will tell you the difference between a Duffel bag, purse, and handbag from which you can easily choose one that suits your taste and your environment (i.e. where you are travelling).

What to choose from different bags… Let’s have a look…

A Duffel Bag

25- Carhartt Trade Series 2-in-1 Packable Duffel with Utility Pouch

A duffel bag is a type of bag that is typically used for travelling. It is usually large and has two shoulder straps, which can be put over the shoulder or across the chest (Malik, 2017). You can easily identify the difference between a duffel bag, purse, and handbag by seeing their advantages.


  • Duffel bags are lightweight, and durable and come in a variety of sizes.
  • Duffel bags are usually made of nylon or cotton canvas and have a rugged design.
  • Duffel bags can also be used for the packing of clothing for an extended trip as well as carry-on luggage.

A Purse


A purse is a small handbag that is carried by hand. It can be held by one or two straps and it contains a variety of items, such as money, credit cards, keys, makeup, and other personal items. Differences between a duffel bag, purse, and handbag can be observed by closely monitoring their advantages.


  • You can carry around your possessions in a purse. You can also use it while travelling to transport your belongings. Additionally, it is frequently worn as a fashion accent.
  • One of the benefits of a purse is that it can be worn as a piece of fashion jewellery. You can make yourself look more fashionable and exquisite by matching your purse to your clothing.
  • Another benefit of carrying a purse is that it will help keep your possessions safe and secure from pickpockets and robbers while you are out and about.

A Handbag

Hand Bags

A handbag is a woman’s accessory that she carries on her arm or hands. It has two straps that are worn across the body to carry it like a backpack.


  • The advantages of using a handbag are that it is an easy way to carry items with you. It can also be used as a fashion statement.
  • A handbag is a perfect way to carry items with you. You can use it for your wallet, phone, keys, and other small belongings.
  • It is also a fashion statement that can be used to express your personality and style.

Pointers That Must Be Kept In Mind

A duffel bag is often used to carry clothes and other personal items when travelling because it provides more space than purses do.

A purse contains money and other personal items such as credit cards, keys, makeup, etc., while a handbag does not have any pockets so it cannot hold anything except for its contents which are usually clothes or some other type of accessory.

Your Ideal Carry-All for Everyday Life

A carry-all is a bag that is used to transport items. It can be used for carrying clothes, personal items, and other things.

When it comes to carry-all, there are three main types that we discussed above: A Duffel or purse, and a Duffle bag or a handbag.

A duffel bag is a great option if you need to transport a lot of items such as clothes or shoes while travelling. A purse or handbag are good options if you need to bring less with you and want something versatile that can be worn in different ways like crossbody or clutch style.