How To Add Wheels To A Duffel Bag

How To Add Wheels To A Duffel Bag? BDB

When carrying your belongings around, duffel bags make a great choice. These bags are lightweight, durable, and provide plenty of storage space. But if you have to travel long distances with your bag in tow, you’ll want something a little more comfortable than lugging it around on your shoulder – and that’s where adding wheels to your duffel bag comes in handy.

Wheels not only make it easier to transport heavy loads over long distances, but they also help protect your back from strain. So if you’re looking for an easier way to transport your bag, here’s how to add wheels to a duffel bag.

03 Steps To Add Wheels To A Duffel Bag

1- Choosing The Right Wheels

The first step is choosing the right wheels for your duffel bag. Several wheels are available on the market today; some are explicitly designed for luggage, while others are suitable for general-purpose use. If you’re looking for wheels specifically designed for luggage, look no further than inline skate or rollerblade-style wheels with bearings that spin freely and smoothly in any direction.

These are usually made of hard plastic or rubber and come with an axle system that can be attached directly to the bottom of the bag. Or, if you would prefer something with a bit more grip on rough surfaces, consider purchasing all-terrain wheels with mounting brackets so they can be easily attached to the bottom of any suitcase or backpack.

2- Attach The Wheels Securely To Your Duffel Bag

Once you’ve chosen the right set of wheels for your needs, it’s time to attach them securely to your duffel bag. Most wheel kits come with mounting hardware such as screws and brackets, so you will need to locate those before attaching anything.

Start by finding the right spot on the bottom of the bag where the screws should go; then thread the screws through each bracket until they fit snugly against your bag’s base fabric (make sure not to tighten them too much as this could damage or weaken its structure).

3- Attach The Wheel Axles

Once everything is secure and firmly in place, it’s time to attach the wheel axles onto each side of the bracket before finally connecting each wheel to its respective axle hole – make sure that everything is tightly fastened at all times!

Things To Consider While Attaching Wheels To Duffle Bags

If done correctly, adding wheels to a duffel bag can make carrying bulky items a much simpler task – but there are some things you should keep in mind when doing so:

  • Always ensure that all screws are properly tightened (but not too much) before putting any weight on them.
  • Check periodically that all screws remain firmly screwed in place.
  • Never drag the bag over rough surfaces for extended periods, as this could cause unnecessary wear and tear on its fabric and wheels.

If done correctly, though, having this simple upgrade will give you years of easy transportation wherever life may take you!

04 Benefits Of A Duffel Bag Having Wheels

Adding wheels to a duffel bag has many advantages.

1- It Makes Traveling Easy

For starters, it makes the bag much easier to transport, eliminating the need to carry it or drag it along the ground. This is great when traveling long distances because it helps reduce fatigue and strain on your arms and back.

It also makes maneuvering through airports, train stations, and other crowded places much more accessible. Not only that, but a duffel bag on wheels is great for navigating uneven surfaces such as cobblestone streets, sidewalks with cracks, or grassy areas.

2- It Saves Your Time And Energy

Another benefit of adding wheels to a duffel bag is that you no longer have to worry about checking a piece of luggage at the airport or waiting in long lines for taxi cabs or buses.

Instead, you can quickly grab your bag and head out the door with minimal fuss and delays. It can be beneficial when time is of the essence and you have a tight schedule to keep track of.

3- These Are Spacious

On top of that, many wheeled duffel bags come with several organizational compartments, which make packing much more efficient and organized than traditional bags without wheels.

It allows easy access to items such as toiletries and electronic devices so you can find what you need quickly without having to rummage through all your belongings. Many models even come with extra straps for carrying items such as umbrellas or small backpacks, so you don’t have to carry them separately in your hands while traveling.

4- Duffle Bags Are Light Weighted And Durable

Finally, wheeled duffel bags are usually made from lightweight yet durable materials, making them highly resistant to wear and tear. They can withstand rough handling during air travel and numerous trips between destinations without any issues.

They also tend to be waterproof, so your belongings will stay dry inside their protective enclosure if caught in a rainstorm or splashed by an errant wave. Putting wheels on a duffel bag significantly improves one’s travel experience by making transportation convenient, organized, and safe – allowing individuals plenty of time (and energy) to enjoy their journey!

03 Tips For Buying A Duffel Bag

1- Ensure It Fits All Your Belongings

When using a wheeled duffel bag, it is essential to ensure it fits all your belongings. Measure the inside and outside dimensions of the bag before purchasing to ensure you have enough room for everything you need.

Make sure the weight capacity of the bag is appropriate for your needs, as this could lead to damage if overloaded. Additionally, it may be beneficial to opt for a bag with inline skate wheels instead of fixed wheels, as they offer more mobility and maneuverability when used.

2- Comfortable And Sturdy

Ensure that any handles or straps used on the bag are comfortable and sturdy enough for easy carrying. Backpack straps can be great additions here, as they can provide extra support while moving around with your luggage – but keep in mind that they will add extra bulk and weight to your bag’s total load.

Consider selecting a model with multiple external pockets and internal organizers so items can be neatly packed away without overflowing from the top when zipped up.

3- Choose A Model With An Extendable Handle

For additional convenience, choose a model with an extendable handle rather than one with a fixed-length handle – this allows you to adjust how high or low you want the handle set depending on your height and preference.

Look out for anti-theft features like double zipper pulls or combination locks, which can help protect against theft or tampering with your belongings when traveling in crowded areas. Lastly, select a water-resistant model, so your items stay dry even on wet days!

08 Essential Tools You Need To Attach The Wheel To Duffels

  1. You will need some essential tools and supplies to attach a wheel to a duffel bag. You’ll need:
  2. A Drill (with a Phillips or Flathead bit)
  3. Screws of Appropriate Length and Diameter (preferably stainless steel)
  4. Washers
  5. Nuts
  6. An Adjustable Wrench
  7. Pliers
  8. Wire Cutters

If you still need to get these items, most hardware stores should have them in stock. Additionally, depending on the kind of duffel bag and the wheel was chosen, you may require additional materials, such as heavy-duty fabric, for reinforcing the attachment points or other mounting hardware.

Before beginning the project, ensure your equipment is clean and in good working order. Adjust your drill bit to the correct size according to the screws you’ve purchased, and take the time to measure twice so that everything lines up correctly.

Mark where the holes will be placed with a pencil if necessary so that everything is perfectly symmetrical. After drilling your pilot holes, carefully place each screw through its hole, then add a washer followed by a nut on each side of the wheel assembly.

Use your adjustable wrench to tighten each nut securely but not too tightly, as this could damage both the wheel and duffel bag material. Finally, use your pliers or wire cutters to trim any excess wire from the backside of your attachment points.


Though it may seem like an impossible feat, adding wheels to a duffel bag is actually quite simple. With just a few supplies and some basic sewing skills, you can have your very own rolling duffel bag in no time. So next time you’re headed off on a long trip, be sure to pack your bags with ease by following these easy steps.